The Men Behind The Vision

Anandram Mutha

Experience - 30 years
Education - B.COM, LLB
Designation - Chairman


Sachin Jadhav

Experience - 8 years
Education - B.A., MBA
Designation - Director


Parag Mutha

Experience - 10 years
Education - B.E., MS & MBA
Designation - Director

Mr. Anandram Mutha has been the guiding force behind the formation of Parkons and is predominantly responsible for taking the firm to its present stature. His extraordinary vision has been responsible for keeping Parkons abreast with the changing times. Although his experience comprises of 30 years and successful completion of 30 projects, his visionary abilities enable him to see many years into the future. This unique combination of vision and experience drives Parkons to deliver the highest value to its customers. He is a highly respected figure in the real estate fraternity in Pune & Mumbai.
Responsible for Strategy, Procurement & Supply and Operations at Parkons, Mr. Sachin Jadhav has been instrumental in bringing in radicalchanges to the firm since its inception through his novel and progressive initiatives. His hands-on approach to all aspects of business practices ensure that Parkons' clients are the most satisfied in the industry. His hard work and attention to detail have given the group a strong foundation. He has formed a wonderful reputation to deliver quality projects within stipulated timelines. Through his dedication and dynamism, he has taken the group to a respectable and commendable position where it stands today.
Mr Parag Mutha hails from a more contemporary school of business and has recently joined the group providing a stint of youth and dynamism. He is actively involved in the company's Marketing and Operations and possesses excellent expertise in Finance and Project Management. 6 years in UK as a Banking and Finance professional and 3 years in Information Technolgy have given him an extensive insight into the lives of global citizens, which in turn, helps Parkons in designing projects suited to their taste. He has brought in modern business systems that have significantly improved operations leading to increased efficiency.