Hidden Costs in Buying a New Home

You always have a plan when you are buying a house. The plan definitely has the monetary investments included. You need to calculate the budget, while being prepared that there are some costs that would be unplanned.

Other than down payments and monthly EMIs, a home comes with a lot of other costs. Here is a rundown of five hidden costs that are related to buying a new home.


  • Maintenance Deposit in Advance

When signing the agreement, a number of builders include a maintenance deposit for a specific period of time, in advance. The timeline could be a year, two or even 10 years in some cases. Builders make it a point to collect it as these deposits offer a stable influx of funds. The maintenance cost varies according to the location and the services offered by builders.parkons group

  • Property with a View

Who does not like a pool side apartment or one that is sea facing or garden facing? But, the time you make that choice, you incur additional costs. These are Preferential Location Charges or PLC in real estate terms. This increases your property price by a good 5-10%.

  • Parking Space

A lot of buyers have an assumption that buying a property comes with a free parking. But this is not the truth. Depending on the location, type of property and some other factors, builders charge a good 1-5 lakh rupees for a parking space. And, if you need a space of your choice, you should be ready to shell out a few lakhs more.

  • Registration and Stamp Duties

No house includes the cost of registration and stamp duties. But, when you buy a property, you need to register it and the registration comes with a price tag. Stamp duty usually varies between 7-8% of the property value. 1-2% of the property value has to be paid as registration fee to the court.

Also, include the fees of the lawyer, cover home insurance (optional), property tax, and bank inspection costs.

  • Miscellaneous Costs

Some other miscellaneous costs include:

  • Moving Charges
  • Interior Design Costs
  • Brokerage
  • Any tax reforms in the real estate sector

It is dream to buy and build your own home. Hence, when calculating the actual costs is a must. So when you sit down calculating the costs, don’t forget to include the aforementioned hidden costs. When you get down to the brass tacks of buying a property and plan your savings accordingly, you might avoid unwanted confusions and headaches later on.



Navkar Park: Introducing Unparalleled Living in Khed Shivapur

Pune has incontestably created an unwavering position in the Nation’s real estate market. From reputed schools, established businesses, and super specialized hospitals, the city has everything that a person could ask for when looking for a city to settle in for the long run.

The benefits that the city has to offer for the property seekers of our nation and NRIs, has not just brought an upward facing line in Pune’s realty sector demand but also in the areas that surround it. One such locality that was once an underdeveloped area but now is slowly transforming into a goldmine, all at the back of the pull Pune’s real estate has been able to create is Khed Shivapur.

Over time, Khed Shivapur has become on of the most sought after and upcoming prime spots of Pune’s real estate market. At the back of its proximity with the main city and with the roads connecting even the most interior parts of Pune and nearby cities, Khed Shivapur has now come on the radar of many real estate giants who are now coming up with their projects – both residential and commercial to the locality to take advantage of the demand that it is generating.

Let us look at one such Pune’s Property Market’s Giant – Parkons Group.

One of the most well known names of city’s realty market, Parkons Group has established itself as a trustworthy name when it comes to a group that delivers in-time quality constructions that is known for not just the comfort it offers, but also for the appreciation rate it sees when it comes to the other groups offering projects in the same area.

While the builder group has given a number of gems to the city, one of its recent, most in demand offering to Khed Shivapur is – Navkar Park.

Let’s throw a little light on the project.

This aesthetically planned residential creation is architecturally launched for the inhabitants to spend their lives in comfort. The outsized windows and doors in every room let in ample sun light and sufficient ventilation to lead a refreshing and healthy life. Strategically equipped with a series of modern amenities like meditation area, jogging track, sewage treatment plant, swimming pool, amphitheatre, and clubhouse, amongst many others, the location of Navkar Park is also opportunely been kept close to the social amenities that Khed Shivapur has to offer.

Maintaining the ideal combination of connectivity and spaciousness, every flat in Navkar Park is designed to automatically uplift its residents’ standards. Through Navkar Park, Parksons Group ensures that you unwind in every moment you are in your home.



Parkons Group: Defining Pune’s Real Estate


Pune’s real estate has been one of the most sought after and high returns generating markets of the Indian real estate. Being one of the prime localities of Maharashtra, the city has always been witnessing a lot of traction from both residential and commercial property seekers and developers, alike.

parkonsgroupFactors backing up Pune’s flourishing real estate market vary from a settled commercial space that makes it an ideal joint for job seekers to the planned social infrastructures that makes it easy for people to settle with their families. The overcrowded and expensive Mumbai is another reason that has been sending people towards Pune’s direction. The amalgamation of all these and several other factors have resulted in –

  • Making the city the ideal location for property investments
  • Extension of profitability to localities surrounding Pune
  • Mixed budget property options
  • Mix of property types from lands and apartments to villas

Seeing the positive outlook of Pune’s real estate market and the positive buyer sentiment, a number of nation’s eminent real estate developers have come up with their projects in the city. While there are a number of new and renowned builder groups in Pune, the names that have contributed to the making of Pune into a premium residential and commercial hub, are very few. One of those few premium and trusted names in the city’s property market is Parkons Group.parkons group

Let us look into this reputed group in some detail –

About Parkons Group

One of the most sought after and reputed brands of Pune real estate market, Parkons Group has been offering premium office, land, and residential options to the city’s property seekers and investors since many years. Focused mainly in Pune, the group is slowly seeping into the real estate of nearby up and coming localities like Pimpri Chinchwad, Pimpalpada as well.

Every single undertaking of the land, residential, and commercial projects under their umbrella share factors like prime location, premium amenities that give a community feel to the property holders, modern technology, and state of art construction quality.

Some of the most reputed and appreciated projects – both residential and commercial – by Parkons Group that have changed Pune real estate outlook are Panacea, Supreme Plaza, Navkar Avenue, Rajvilas Complex, Sai Apartment, and Amar Plaza, among various others. While these are the ones that have already created their names and image in the city, there are various other upcoming projects under the Parksons belt, such as Navkar Park, Navkar Feel, etc. both in and around Pune.

parkonsgroupThe USP of every Parkons project lies in the fact that they are all environment friendly. Raw material that the builder group uses, from water and energy to building materials, are highly sustainable.

The trust and quality that Parkons group offers have made them one of those names that guarantees a high return on investment for the investors and a homely stay for homebuyers.

Know more about the renowned group and their projects – http://parkonsgroup.com/




Home Decor Tips For Diwali


Diwali or Deepawali as the festival of lights is commonly known as brings a frenzy cleaning up of house with all ideas popping up of how to decorate and bring a new spark to the house.

Take the help of below ideas and decorate your house beautifully this Diwali:

Diyas and Candles

diwali-decor-diyas-parkonsIt is common to light diyas and candles around the festival. But you can add a spark to your home using varieties of diyas available in the market today. Today, diyas have made their way inside the living room in form of floating diyas or electric diyas. These are safe and add a beautiful dash to your room.

On the other hand, using decorative candles is one other way of giving your home a Diwali special feel.

Assorted Flowers

Asorted Flowers ParkonsAssorted flower petals especially genda and roses are a must for Diwali. It makes the house look great and smell even better.

Flowers create a positive vibe in the house whether they are fake or real. Flowers together with an elegant vase can make a world of difference in enhancing the beauty of a space.


diwali-decor-rangoli-parkonsA beautiful rangoli outside the entrance is an ideal Diwali decoration. You can use coloured powders, cereals or pulses tom make the rangoli. Also, you can add a different angle to it by beautifying it further with the use of lamps, flowers, earthen pots, tissues etc. Making a rangoli does not necessarily mean you have to be an artist. Drawing simple swastik and other religious signs also adds a dash to your home decor for Diwali.


diwali-decor-lanterns-parkonsPaper laterns are are delicate, beautiful and exotic way to decorate your home this Diwali.

Fairy Lights

You can use fairy lights in a number of ways to beautify your home. Some of them are:

  • Drape these lights on pillars outside your home, if there are any.
  • Use them on potted plants to elevate the look of your garden or entrance.

Flower Bowls

Apart from the rangoli, this Diwali have flower bowls around the house. The fragrance, the beauty is something incomparable.

Add Traditional Indian Decor

Antique Oil Lamp - ParkonsTraditional Indian decor creates the suitable vibe for one of the major festivals in India. The antique oil lamps are a great way to add something authentically Indian to your home this Diwali.  A rustic style  oil lamp with dainty bells is a beautiful pick for Diwali.

What are you going to do this Diwali? Share with us.

Weekend Homes at Khed Shivapur

khed shivapur


We all are well accustomed with the feeling of tiredness and how emotionally drenched we get after one hectic week at office or at home. The stress that clouds us can get just too much over time, making us crave for a break away from home every month, but since that is just too good a thought with the limited leaves and unending work load, we bring you the concept of Weekend Home.

weekend homes in khed shivapurNow everyone has the chance to get out of the maddening crowd and everyday stress. Now the dream of having a home away from home, just in a much quieter place is in everyone’s budget. There are so many projects coming up around the prime residential localities of our nation, that are balancing the economies, giving everyone a chance to de-stress and lead a few days in peace and with the tranquility of nature.

If you live in Pune and are looking for a project that is simply ideal to relax and rejuvenate you every weekend and have all the features that are responsible for the making of a high return friendly property in India, keep reading…

weekend home in khed shivapur


About Navkar Park

Brought into existence by the Parkons Group and Privilege Properties, Navkar Park is an upcoming residential property in the scenic Khed – Shivapur locality near Pune. Even after being in the proximity of a very fast moving city, the project is untouched by the noise and pollution a city life brings with it.

Navkar Park, being the perfect blend of international designs and Indian values sees a demand from both those who have always been in the country and the NRIs alike. The project has a lot to offer both from the scenic and return on investment perspective. Let us look at its offering in some more depth –

For the nature lovers –

sinhagad fortNavkar Park is surrounded by hills; every single of your mornings will be shared by a fleet of bird and the fresh smell of mountains. For the adventure lovers, it offers the vicinity of the Sinhgad fort, one of the most peaceful and serene neighbors of Pune.

For the Investment Friendly –

invest in real estateKhed-Shivapur is one of the most sought after, up and coming localities near Pune, when it comes to where the demand is headed. In just a matter of two years, the area has shown an appreciation of over 20 – 25%, range that only seems to be growing.

khed shivapur ring roadOne of the important factors leading to the growth of this area is the proposed Ring Road that will pass through Khed-Shivapur & connect it to all areas of Pune.

Another important aspect is the proximity to the proposed International Airport in Purandar which promises an Excellent All-round development of Khed-Shivapur.

Now that you know that the project has nothing but peace and profit to offer, let us look at the project details:

Navkar Park is currently offering 1 & 2 BHK Smart Apartments at the starting All-inclusive Price of Rs. 21.4 Lacs (Current Price in July 2017). It has a number of amenities aimed at making lives easier and comfortable such as – swimming pool, meditation area, temple, among many others.

What are you waiting for? Visit Navkar Park today.

Khed Shivapur – A promising location


Khed Shivapur

Pune is a metropolitan city that attracts a large number of working population from all over India to come and work for major IT companies located here. The working population looks out for affordable real estate investments for different purposes. Hence, the nearby suburbs like Khed Shivapur are the much in demand localities of Pune that witness significant appreciation.

Why Khed Shivapur?

The hustle bustle of a metropolitan often leads to a search for a quiet and peaceful environment where you can relax in the natural winds and enjoy the beauty. No, you do not have to travel kilometres to fulfill a wish like this. Located in the Paschim (West) Maharashtra region, Khed Shivapur is situated just 23kms from the Pune city. It is a promising location that attracts a number of investors towards itself. The natural pollution free environment gives you enough reasons to look forward to buying, invest or live in the area.

A number of budget projects are mushrooming on the city’s periphery. Khed Shivapur is one just location that is gaining popularity because of multiple reasons.

Here is a run-down of major reasons that make Khed Shivapur a promising location:

The Natural Beauty
khed shivapurKhed Shivapur is known for its natural surroundings and clean environments. It’s peaceful aura and untouched beauty are its key USP’s what makes it an in demand location. Though the location is a booming suburb of Pune district, it’s natural aura connects to a lot of urban population.

Not only the surrounding beauty but living in this suburban will also keep you away from a large number of pollution based diseases. It is a perfect investment for rejuvenating yourself in the lap of nature.

khed shivapurKhed Shivapur is well connected to Pune via Pune-Bangalore Highway. The locality has a proposed ring road that will enhance its connectivity with all parts of Pune city.

Khed Shivapur is one of the Pune’s fastest developing suburbs and has a number of amenities in its proximity. With fast booming infrastructure and access to nearby schools, hospitals and markets make this locality a location for investment. The new proposed airport will be approximately 20kms from the location.

Significant Appreciation
The real estate market of Khed Shivpura has witnessed significant appreciation over the years. On an average the ratio of appreciation is anywhere between 10-15% YoY. In last two years, the location has experienced an unmatched growth vis-a-vis other parts of Pune.

Other Attractions
sinhagad fort khed shivapurThe famous Sinhagad fort is located roughly at a distance of 10 Kms. It is one of the best places to visit in during monsoons & attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. There are other tourist places around like Kondhanpur Temple, Kamar Ali Shah Darvesh Baba Dargah which is 700 years old & famous for the rock kept at the dargah. This is not an ordinary rock – it has some spiritual connect as it weighs around 90 Kgs & can be lifted by index figure if 11 men lift it together with their index fingers. It’s a must visit place.

Also, Khed Shivapur is densely populated with picnic spots, adventure parks, resorts and other outdoor activity areas that attract families to settle down.

So, if you are looking for a location where you can invest for a relaxing lifestyle and easy life, Khed Shivapur is one of the potential options you should explore.